First Date

Day 2 is spent with a female counsel in the County Court ALL day. I have a dislike to family law, especially when it involves children. Listening to petty parents arguing with each other at the cost of the tax payer is not my idea of fun, but still, it’s an experience that I will one day value. At about 4pm I walk the route that leads to Chambers from the Court, never know might bump in to… ah, there he is HOC loading his car up with box files. I give him a wave and he jokingly gives me the V’s and beckons me over.

‘What you up to? Skiving off like a naughty school girl huh?’ he says

hmmm he wishes

‘I’ve decided on two things today, 1) I don’t like family law and 2)…’

‘…you need a pint?’

Well that’s not what I was going to say but hey I’d be a fool to turn down that offer

As we’re sat drinking in a nice little wine bar he tells me he’s impressed with my drink choice, a pint of premium lager. He teased me by saying he thought I’d be more of a spritzer kinda gal. ‘The only wine I drink is champagne,’ he smiles ‘expensive taste I see.’ –yeah too right and don’t forget it!

We talk for ages, he tells me about his career, being at the Criminal Bar for 25 years, sits as a recorder regularly and has even applied to be the Resident Judge!

I have to admit I was a little tipsy by the time I left. He’s really entertaining to talk to, our flirtatious comments were bouncing off each other perfectly, he said he loved the way my dry humour mixed in with my wit and he had already decided with the guys from chambers that I’m going to make a great barrister. Hmmm now that sounds like a line he’s used before. Gotta watch out for these types, I better up my game if I’m guna play things my way….

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First Impressions

After lunch I walk back to Chambers. But sat waiting with the Clerks is mind numbingly boring and they’re not exactly friendly. I make my escape by asking where the loos are and I get directed up the stairs. HOC mentioned to me before that his desk is on the top floor, so that’s where I’m heading. I can hear men laughing, perfect, I don’t bother knocking, I just enter.

The men laughing are 2 members of chambers; unfortunately HOC is not here, so I introduce myself, making up something about being sent up by clerks to read through bundles. Slipping my coat off while speaking is great distraction and they’re easily fooled. I hover round until I’m offered a seat, the only place being HOC chair! Ha!

After about 20mins HOC returns and I spend the rest of the day sat with the 3 men being vivaciously flirty, but at the same time witty, so I seem smart enough to leave a good first impression.

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I’ve always had an eye for the older man, especially if he’s got money and manners. So on the first day of my mini pupillage I hit jackpot when I was sent to work with the Head of Chambers (HOC).

I was sat in the clerks’ room at 9am filling in some confidentiality form and in he walks. Tall, good looking, silver fox in his 50’s, I immediately grab his eye by slowing rising from my seat to shake his hand and introduce myself. I’m 6ft tall in heels and dressed immaculately, he looks impressed. He has a firm handshake, that’s another one of my boxes he ticks!

We step out of chambers and walk towards the court. He’s making me laugh already, making jokes about my faux fur coat.

He asks the cliché question, ‘So why the Bar,’

I answer with ‘Well I love dressing up; costumes, uniform etc.. oh and I’m really bossy,’

‘Dressing up, ay?’

I reply with a wink…

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